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From uncertainty to opportunity

We’re trusted by the world’s leading banks, investors, corporations, and law firms to mitigate critical risk and illuminate vital decisions.

Due Diligence

Blackpeak is the industry leader in complex global due diligence, specializing in discreet information-gathering and research to identify and assess undisclosed risk.

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Clients trust our superior cross-jurisdictional research capability, blending on-the-ground inquiries with high-calibre evaluation and unrivalled discretion.

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Leverage our research capabilities to screen potential clients, business partners, and third parties. Our tailored, discreet, and cost-effective reporting for large-scale projects.

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What sets us apart?


Thriving on complexity

Our extensive expertise in navigating complex markets, multiple jurisdictions and local languages makes us the partner of choice for in-depth due diligence on a global scale.


Extensive knowledge and expertise

In addition to comprehensive understanding of research methodologies and global geographies, we specialize in areas such as anti-bribery, corruption, insider trading, and industry compliance.


Personalized, consultative, confidential service

Clients trust us to conduct thorough due diligence tailored to their unique strategic objectives. Each mandate is approached from scratch, ensuring efficiency, integrity and sensitivity throughout the process.


A rigorous, proven approach

Our comprehensive research delivers reliable and often game-changing evaluations, capable of influencing compliance and executive decisions. Backed by robust data and privacy policies, our approach ensures trust and confidentiality.