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Dedicated to uncovering critical risks for our clients worldwide.

Who we are

Blackpeak provides industry leading due diligence with deep expertise in discreetly uncovering and mitigating undisclosed risks. Trusted by corporations, banks, legal and compliance professionals, as well as investors including private fund managers/GPs (private equity, hedge funds, asset managers) and institutional investors/LPs (family offices, pensions, sovereign wealth funds), we guide our clients through the intricacies of due diligence with a focus on transforming financial uncertainties into strategic advantages.  

Why partner with Blackpeak?

Thriving on complexity, we excel in navigating intricate markets, multiple jurisdictions, and diverse languages, making us the partner of choice for in-depth due diligence on a global scale. Our extensive knowledge and expertise extend beyond research methodologies and global geographies, encompassing specialized areas such as anti-bribery, corruption, insider trading, and industry compliance. Through personalized and confidential service, we tailor due diligence to our clients’ unique strategic objectives, ensuring efficiency, integrity, and sensitivity throughout the process. Our rigorous, proven approach delivers reliable evaluations that often influence compliance and executive decisions, backed by robust data and privacy policies to ensure trust and confidentiality. Blackpeak is a service of ION Analytics.  

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