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Identify risk early and efficiently with large-scale, cost-effective global screening of third parties.

Blackpeak enables clients to conduct cost-effective due diligence on large volumes of third parties in practically every global jurisdiction. We combine deep research skills and extensive experience with a client-focused approach to deliver streamlined reports that inform your compliance programs.

Our clients include some of the world’s largest corporations and financial institutions, with business interests worldwide.

Research areas include:

  • Corporate ownership and business interests
  • Reputational issues and adverse publicity
  • Litigation
  • Sanctions exposure
  • Political exposure
  • Global regulatory and compliance database searches
  • Bankruptcy/insolvency searches
  • Source of wealth

Third-Party Screening

Multinational corporations engage us to screen prospective and existing partners, including distributors, agents, intermediaries, suppliers and others. Our third-party screening reports focus on identifying bribery and corruption risk, commercial disputes, modern slavery issues and more.

Client Onboarding

Blackpeak works with financial institutions to facilitate client onboarding, identifying risks such as political exposure, sanctions risk, bribery and corruption risk, as well as broader reputational issues.

Source of Wealth

Banks, asset managers, life insurers and other financial institutions turn to Blackpeak to identify their high-net-worth clients’ sources of wealth. Our wealth analysis methods are combined with broader research to create a complete risk profile.

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