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Sunaina Sinha, Global Head of the Private Capital Advisory group at Raymond James, on the evolution of the secondary market

In a recent fireside chat, Sunaina Sinha, the Global Head of the Private Capital Advisory at Raymond James, delved into the intricacies and evolution of the secondary market. The discussion, hosted by Giovanni Amodeo, covered a range of topics, from Sinha’s background and the trajectory of the secondary market to the future of private capital advisory services.

Background and Role at Raymond James: Sinha shared her journey from founding Cebile Capital, which was acquired by Raymond James in 2021, to her current role. She highlighted the early recognition by her team of the potential for secondaries to become a significant exit option, a prediction that has materialized over the past half-decade.

Evolution of the Secondary Market: The conversation underscored the growth of the secondary market, estimated to be around $130 billion, and its importance not just for limited partners (LPs) but also for general partners (GPs). Sinha pointed out the correlation between the growth of the primary market and the secondary market, emphasizing the potential for further expansion.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Two critical KPIs were discussed: the total assets under management in the primary market, which stands at $3.7 trillion, and the average lifespan of a fund, which is 16.2 years. These indicators suggest a robust future for the secondary market as it continues to provide liquidity solutions.

Challenges and Opportunities: Sinha touched upon the challenges of scaling in the secondary market, primarily due to regulatory hurdles and the scarcity of experienced talent. However, she also highlighted the opportunities for innovation and the importance of building trust and long-term relationships in the industry.

Raymond James’ Unique Position: The discussion also covered Raymond James’ comprehensive approach to private capital advisory, combining fundraising, secondary transactions, and leveraging the firm’s investment banking and private wealth management capabilities. Sinha emphasized the importance of creativity, directness, and a long-term perspective in serving clients effectively.

Future of Private Capital Advisory: Looking ahead, Sinha expressed optimism about the secondary market’s growth and the role of advisors in facilitating complex transactions. She underscored the importance of human relationships in the industry, despite the potential for technological advancements to streamline some processes.

In summary, the fireside chat with Sunaina Sinha provided valuable insights into the secondary market’s evolution, the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, and the strategic approach of Raymond James in navigating this dynamic landscape.

Key timestamps:

00:09: Introduction to ION Influencers Fireside Chats
17:12: Constructing Win-Win-Win Solutions
18:29: Personal Unique Qualities
20:12: Reasons for Selling and Joining Raymond James
21:35: Barriers to Entry in the Business
23:13: Ideal Hires and Talent Needs
24:55: Competitive Landscape
25:23: Strangest Useful Advice and Important Truths