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Simon Hopkins, CEO of Milltrust International Group, on emerging markets & multi-family office industry trends

In a recent fireside chat, Simon Hopkins, CEO of Milltrust International Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors at East West Private Wealth, discussed the evolving landscape of global finance and the innovative strategies East West Private Wealth is employing. The conversation, hosted by Giovanni Amodeo, touched on several key topics:

00:08: Introduction
00:40: Simon Hopkins’ Background
02:51: Founding Global Fund Analysis
04:43: Global Emerging Markets Fund
06:19: Expansion of Services
07:15: Defining a Platform
08:13: Investment Services Approach
10:47: Wealth Creation in Asia Pacific
12:51: Transformation of Multifamily Offices
17:11: Mentoring and Business Growth
23:29: Future of Multifamily Offices
25:20: Critical Mass and Size in Asset Management
27:11: Challenges of Direct Investments
28:05: Impact of Size on Personal Service
29:05: Client Management and Personalization
30:16: Importance of Granular Reporting
31:16: Changing Investment Approach of New Generations
32:11: Fee Model and Cultural Differences
34:46: Singapore as a Hub for Family Offices
36:23: Residency and Family Offices in Singapore
37:51: Singapore as a Global Banking Center