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Shaun Lim, Co-President of HOPU Investments, on democratization of private assets in Asia

In this fireside chat, Giovanni Amodeo hosts Shaun Lim, the Co-President of Hopu Investments. The discussion revolves around the democratization of private assets in Asia. Lim shares his background, including his experience in investment banking and entrepreneurship, and his current role at the company.

He discusses the increasing trend of democratizing private assets, especially in the last 5-6 years, due to the growth of the high net worth individual group.

Lim also talks about the potential growth of similar platforms like Moonfare and Titanbay in Asia, as investors get more sophisticated and demand different types of products and exposures to different geographies and asset classes.

He further explains the difference in dealing with high net worth individuals and institutional investors, emphasizing the need for a personal touch and clear communication when dealing with the former.

Lim shares his thoughts on the future of fee models in private equity, suggesting that technology could make the process more efficient and potentially democratize fee arrangements.

He talks about the sectors he believes will be successful in 2024-2025, including deep tech, new energy, healthcare, and consumer retail

Finally, Lim shares his cautiously optimistic outlook for fundraising in 2024, considering the geopolitical tensions and market volatility.


00:08: Introduction and Background
01:57: Focus on Investments and Market Trends
02:53: Trending Topics in Private Assets
05:03: Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals
07:58: Specific Investment Example
11:48: Approaching Potential Investors
13:13: Importance of One-on-One Interactions
14:01: Differentiation and Uniqueness
17:30: Discussion on Fee Models
22:59: Market Trends and Outlook
27:05: Portfolio Management and Exit Strategies
32:24: Fundraising Environment
35:06: Aspirations for Fundraising
36:27: Closing Remarks