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Rhett Pan, Managing Director of CBC Group, on investor and entrepreneur’s perspective of the medical device sector landscape

In the fireside chat with Rhett Pan, the managing director of CBC Group, several key topics were discussed. The conversation began with Pan’s introduction and his background in the medical device industry (00:10- 01:26). He then discussed the main players in the Chinese medical device sector, their growth rates, and the impact of the pandemic on the industry (01:32 – 03:17).

Pan also highlighted the importance of innovation in the medical device sector, stating that new products can enjoy premium pricing for four to five years before government policies impact pricing (07:13 – 09:35). He emphasized the need for minor innovations that can provide a competitive edge and the importance of breakthrough technology for startup companies.

The conversation also touched on the role of doctors in the innovation process, with Pan noting that many doctors are eager to partner with local medical device companies to develop new products (09:36 – 14:16). He also discussed the challenges of securing investment in the current market, stating that investors are now more selective and prefer innovations that can bring business in the short term (14:16 – 18:43).

Towards the end of the chat, Pan discussed the importance of human capital in the medical device industry, stating that salespeople with self-motivation and leadership skills are particularly valuable (18:43 – 23:23). He also touched on the potential for consolidation in the industry over the next three to five years, with cash being the preferred form of payment for acquisitions (23:23 – 28:45).

In conclusion, Pan expressed his confidence in the future of CBC Group, stating that the company is well-positioned to provide a range of solutions for the healthcare industry (28:45 – 30:24).