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Norma Chu, founder of DayDayCook, on trends in the food sector

In a recent fireside chat, Norma Chu, the founder and CEO of DayDayCook, discussed the company’s journey, its multi-brand approach, and the future of the food sector. The conversation also touched on her experiences as a female leader in the business world.

DayDayCook, a multi-brand food company, was founded 13 years ago in Hong Kong. The company focuses on providing convenient, ready-to-cook, and ready-to-heat meal solutions with an Asian cuisine focus. In 2023, DayDayCook expanded its footprint from Hong Kong to mainland China and listed the company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Chu explained the benefits of running a multi-brand approach, which allows the company to cover a wider spectrum of consumers and diversify its risk. The company looks for brands with an authentic founder story, a unique product development process, and a clean label approach in food product development.
The company has a global vision for its growth plans, with a primary focus on the US market. Chu mentioned that they are looking for companies with a minimum growth rate of 20% year on year and a gross profit margin of north of 30%.

Chu also shared her vision of building DayDayCook into the future General Mills for Asian food. She believes that the company’s listing on the NYSE has provided them with more capital and visibility, speeding up their global expansion and acquisition strategy.

On the topic of female leadership, Chu credited her father as her mentor. She emphasized the importance of understanding one’s own weaknesses and surrounding oneself with people who have complementary skill sets. She also highlighted the importance of having a positive mindset and not fearing the unknown.
In terms of future acquisitions, Chu expressed interest in Korean and Indian cuisines. She also mentioned that the primary focus for the next 48 months would be the US market, but they are keeping their options open for Europe and other parts of the world.

The fireside chat provided valuable insights into the growth strategy of DayDayCook and the experiences of its founder, Norma Chu. It also highlighted the potential of the food sector and the opportunities for female leaders in the business world.


00:09: Introduction
00:49: Background and Mission of DayDayCook
01:28: Multi-Brand Approach and Brand Criteria
02:27: Qualitative and Quantitative Requirements for Acquisitions
06:00: Acquisitions, Integration, and Growth Plans
09:15: Brand Strategy and Future Vision
10:20: Listing on the New York Stock Exchange
11:25: Impact of Listing and Future Financing
12:58: Growth Strategy and Positive Trends in the Food Industry
15:33: Pitching DayDayCook to Investors
18:19: Entrepreneurial Inspiration and Leadership
21:33: Choosing Co-Founders and Team Building
24:41: Hiring Resources
26:00: Scaling and Future Plans
27:19: Sourcing Deals and Acquisitions
28:20: Interest in Different Cuisines
29:32: Geographic Focus and Distribution Channels
30:45: Strangest Piece of Advice