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M&Ai Report H1 2022

This detailed and comprehensive report provides in-depth coverage and trend analysis of the UK M&A market.

The report includes:

  • Fee analysis (including average fee breakdown by fee type/average fees by deal size range/average commission per deal structure)
  • Market overview for H1 2022 (deal structure/competing bids/sectors/P2P deals/deal financing analysis
  • League tables on financial advisers, legal advisers, brokers and financial PR firms
  • Trends on Irrevocable Undertakings and Letters of Intent

Please note: All of the data is contained within this report can be accessed on the PI M&Ai product for validation purposes (https://pima.filingsexpert.com/pima/)

Should you have any queries about the report or the functionality of the database, please do not hesitate to contact us at M&[email protected].