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Alessandro Hatami Founder of Pacemakers.io and author on the future of banking and finance

Alessandro Hatami, author and founder of Pacemakers.io. thinks the future of banking is very rosy. The future of traditional banks? “I am not so sure,” he says. Here’s why:

  • Technology will allow mass customization of services
  • The bank of the future will be more similar to the Italian bank of the Middle-Ages 
  • A direct dialogue between the bank and the costumer will be restored
  • Banking will deliver a decentralized financial proposition: the Spotify of banking
  • It will create trust via an ecosystem of services that the customer does not want to leave
  • AI will have a greater impact on risk management and compliance than via robo-advice
  • There will be a proliferation of smaller firms delivering tailored services
  • Some of the larger banks will become aggregators of services
  • They will guarantee the safety of products manufactured by others

Alessandro is the co-author of Reinventing Banking and Finance Frameworks to Navigate Global Fintech Innovation, rated best book on banking of 2022 by Investopedia.com, and managing partner of Pacemakers.io. Pacemakers provides strategic advice to corporates on how to innovate through partnering.