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James Zhang, Chief Investment Officer of Great Eagle Holdings, on the outlook of private market

In this fireside chat, Giovanni Amodeo interviews James Zhang, the Chief Investment Officer of Great Eagle Holdings. The discussion covers a range of topics, including Zhang’s background in biotechnology and venture capital, his investment philosophy, and his views on the future of technology and biotech investments.

Zhang shares his journey from being a biologist with a PhD in genetics to becoming an entrepreneur and then a venture capitalist. He talks about his experience of raising venture capital and meeting influential figures in Silicon Valley, such as Vinod Khosla, the founder of Khosla Ventures

He shares his investment philosophy, which involves betting on the team rather than the product or service. He believes in the potential of AI and biotech companies and sees opportunities in the infrastructure required for AI technologies

Zhang also discusses the current market for venture capital, the shift in focus from top-line to bottom-line growth, and the challenges of investing in new technologies.

Towards the end of the chat, Zhang talks about the impact of the slowing growth in China and the US-China tension on investment decisions. He also shares his views on the potential of AI and biotech investments in the future.

00:09.01 Introduction
00:40.20 Background and Entrepreneurial Journey
03:51.93 Transition to Venture Capital
05:37.23 Formation of Formation 8
06:37.37 Move to Asia and Current Role
07:33.94 Switching Mentality from Entrepreneur to VC
10:34.31 Contrast Between Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
11:55.50 Challenges in the VC Market
13:40.07 Adapting to Tight Market Conditions
15:00.62 Future of VC Market
17:29.68 Impact of Regulators and Large Companies
18:50.46 Traits of Successful Founders
22:44.81 Investment Philosophy: Technology vs. Market Risk
24:52.54 Discussion on Hydrogen Technology
30:10.54 Mega Trends in Asia
32:01.07 Impact of US-China Relations on Investments
32:31.85 Market Potential and Exit Strategies
35:39.18 Focus on Biotech and AI
39:15.47 Teaching and Future Plans