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Funeka Montjane, CEO of Personal & Private Banking at Standard Bank, on promoting women leadership

In this fireside chat, Funeka Montjane, CEO of Personal and Private Banking at Standard Bank Group, discusses the importance of promoting women leadership in the banking industry. The conversation covers a range of topics, including the role of technology in banking, the future of the industry, and the importance of mentorship and sponsorship in career development.

Key points discussed include:

The role of Standard Bank in promoting women leadership and the strategies they use to encourage upward mobility among young people, particularly those with higher education.

The importance of serving the community and understanding the different needs of clients from various income levels.

The impact of digital inclusion on financial inclusion and how Standard Bank is leveraging technology to improve banking services and customer experience.

The challenges and opportunities for women in the banking industry, and the initiatives Standard Bank is implementing to promote gender equality.

The future of the banking industry, with a focus on the role of technology and data in improving services and customer experience.

The importance of mentorship and sponsorship in career development, with Funeka sharing her personal experiences and the role of her mentors in her career growth.

The future aspirations for Standard Bank and Funeka’s personal career goals.

This discussion provides valuable insights into the banking industry’s efforts to promote women leadership and the role of technology in shaping the future of banking. It also highlights the importance of mentorship and sponsorship in career development, providing useful advice for aspiring leaders in the industry.


00:08: Introduction
00:42: Background of Standard Bank Group
01:18: Role of the CEO
03:47: Upward Mobility and Education
04:48: Gender Disparity in Upward Mobility
06:34: Regional Differences and Urbanization
08:15: Supporting Female Entrepreneurship
09:12: Banking Solutions for Young People
09:59: Identifying Potential Clients
11:10: Bank’s Mission and Industry Involvement
13:51: Impact Measurement and Market Position
15:48: Client Acquisition and Market Strategy
17:17: High Net Worth Individuals and Future Projections
19:40: Client Interaction and Digital Engagement
22:04: Digital Transformation and Human Interaction
25:49: Technology’s Impact on Wealth Management
28:40: Future of the Banking Industry
30:55: Challenges and Opportunities in Banking
34:58: Promoting Women Leadership
37:25: Scholarship and Sponsorship
37:59: Personal Sponsorship Examples
38:54: Impact of Peter Lebush
39:35: Motivation and Role Modeling
40:17: Building Female Leadership Pipeline
41:09: Investing in People and Training
41:58: Encouraging Paternal Leave
42:40: Maternity Leave and Promotion
43:38: Creating a Supportive Work Environment
44:52: Finding Opportunities for Growth
46:12: Purpose and Contribution