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Capital meets conscience: The unstoppable rise of impact investing in private markets

This report, produced in partnership with the Aztec Group, features insights from a range of industry experts on what makes an impact investment strategy the real deal, how the strategy is manifesting in private markets and the best path forward for those hoping to use investment to be a force for good in the world.

Highlights include:

  • Four sectors taking impact investing seriously. Infrastructure, private equity, private debt and real estate have already launched their respective impact investing journeys and can provide useful models for other sectors considering their options.
  • Impact fund case study. We sat down with Sarah Farquhar, Director of People & Organisational Development at Crisis, to hear more about how collaboration between charities and investors has the potential to address many of the world’s most pressing problems, while also generating measurable impact and attractive returns for investors in the long term.
  • Key considerations when establishing an impact fund. Establishing and managing an impact fund brings with it considerations and responsibilities that go beyond more conventional strategies. Experts in the field highlight the key points that fund managers need to address.