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Tai Lin, Managing Partner of Proterra Investment Partners Asia, on investing in food

In this fireside chat, Tai Lin, the Managing Partner of Proterra Investment Partners Asia, discusses the evolution of the food investment landscape, the importance of impact investing, and the future aspirations for Proterra. Lin is a specialist in investing in the food sector with a focus on impact investing.

He discusses the evolution of the investment landscape in the food sector and explains how the focus has shifted from producing more food to ensuring food safety, and now to catering to individual consumer preferences for healthier, more nutritious, and value-added food.

Tai Lin further discusses the importance of creating win-win commercial opportunities between new investment opportunities and existing portfolio companies. He also shares how they identify the right companies and assess the underlying market for those companies.

Towards the end of the chat, Lin talks about the importance of impact investing. He shares that they have their own defined ESG framework and they rate their portfolio companies on these parameters regularly.

Proterra Investment Partners Asia, a private equity fund manager focused on the Asian food sector, is in talks to acquire a healthy snack company in Australia, read the story by Maggie Lu, Australia/New Zealand Bureau Chief of Mergermarket.


01:43: Evolution of Investment Landscape
04:43: Size and Geographical Focus of Proterra
07:22: Investment Criteria and Synergies
09:15: Identifying the Right Company and Market Analysis
14:11: Marketing and Branding Strategy
15:55: Exit Strategies and Market Presence
17:27: Portfolio Overview and Future Investments
19:02: Continuation of Specialized Investment Strategy
21:14: Specialization in Investment Management
24:03: Involvement of High Net Worth Individuals and Investors
25:04: Breakdown of Investor Types
26:07: Impact Investing and ESG Framework
27:08: Sustainable Investments
28:07: Impact of Food in Sustainable Investment
29:05: Incentives and Evaluation
29:46: Investment Approach
30:17: Aspirations for Proterra