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Stephen Meade, Founder of Green Wave Funding, on green and blue bonds in unlocking sustainable finance

In this fireside chat, Giovanni Amodeo speaks with Stephen Meade, founder of Greenway Funding, about the potential of green and blue bonds in sustainable finance. The conversation covers a range of topics, including the size of the green and blue bond market, the role of Greenway Funding, the criteria for green and blue bonds, and the future of these financial instruments.


00:09: Introduction
01:38: Market Size of Green and Blue Bonds
03:06: Uniqueness of Green Wave Funding
05:07: Criteria for Project Evaluation
07:03: Data and Metrics in Sustainability
10:13: Decentralization and Standardization Challenges
11:57: Role of Policy Makers
17:32: Impact Investing and Motivations
17:56: Regulation and Bond Market
19:33: The Role of Blockchain in Sustainability
19:55: Evolution of Green and Blue Bonds
20:20: Certification of Sustainability and Bond Financing