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Johnny el Hachem, Edmond de Rothschild PE’s CEO, on Private Equity and Demographics, Sustainability and Technology

In a comprehensive fireside chat, Johnny el Hachem, CEO of Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity, delved into a myriad of topics that are shaping the future of private equity, sustainability, and technology. Hosted by Giovanni Amodeo, the discussion covered Johnny el Hachem’s extensive background, his journey from Beirut to leading a significant arm of a prestigious financial institution, and the innovative strategies employed to anticipate future trends and address global challenges.

Key Highlights:

Background and Career Journey: Johnny el Hachem shared his inspiring journey from Beirut, Lebanon, highlighting how his experiences during the Lebanese Civil War forged his resilient and optimistic outlook. Joining Edmond de Rothschild nearly 23 years ago, he emphasized the entrepreneurial spirit within the firm and its visionary leadership.

Investment Philosophy: The conversation shifted to the firm’s investment thesis, focusing on addressing basic human needs through finance, anticipating future trends, and delivering more than financial returns. Johnny el Hachem detailed the firm’s approach to investing in demographics, infrastructure, and technology, particularly in Europe and Africa.

Sustainability and Impact Investing: A significant portion of the chat was dedicated to sustainability and impact investing. Johnny el Hachem outlined various strategies, including the innovative Ginkgo project, which focuses on urban redevelopment and land remediation in Europe, and investments in Africa aimed at supporting family-owned businesses and leveraging local talent.

Technology and Innovation: The discussion also touched on the role of technology in driving change and creating opportunities. Johnny el Hachem expressed optimism about the potential of artificial intelligence and digitalization to address major global challenges, including climate change and resource efficiency.

Africa’s Potential: A recurring theme was the untapped potential of Africa. Johnny el Hachem highlighted the continent’s demographic dividends, technological leapfrogging capabilities, and the need for infrastructure investment. He stressed the importance of private capital in fostering economic growth and stability in Africa.

Advice and Reflections: Johnny el Hachem shared valuable insights from his career, emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes, maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit, and the need for a balanced approach to innovation and regulation.

Throughout the chat, Johnny el Hachem provided a deep dive into the strategies and philosophies guiding Edmond de Rothschild’s private equity arm. His insights into sustainability, technology, and the transformative potential of investments in Africa offered a compelling vision for the future of finance and its role in addressing global challenges.

Key timestamps:

00:09: Introduction to ION Influencers Fireside Chats
02:30: Influence of Personal Experience on Business Approach
03:47: Investment Strategy and Focus on Africa
05:32: Partnership with African Continent
06:19: Investment Thesis and Evolution
07:44: Key Success Factors and Sustainability
09:35: Demographic Dividends and Global Impact
11:37: Impact Measurement and Reporting
12:35: Innovative Investment Strategies
25:14: Measuring Sustainability KPIs
26:45: KPIs for Different Investment Strategies
27:59: Creating and Measuring Impact
30:59: Defining WonderShield Private Equity
31:38: Investing in Africa
35:34: Investment Strategies in Africa
38:44: Raising Private Capital and Local Presence
43:25: Technology in Africa
48:01: Savings and Innovation
48:41: Innovation and Technology Adoption
49:44: Learning from Mistakes
50:57: Conclusion