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Andy Lee, Founder and CIO of Parallaxes Capital, on TRA investing

Key timestamps:

00:09: Introduction to TRA Investing
00:33: Andy Lee’s Background and Career Journey
01:30: Early Career and Experience at Citi
03:03: Founding Parallaxes Capital
04:13: Advantages of Doing Business with Parallaxes Capital
05:48: Value Proposition and Market Education
07:06: Target Audience and Education Efforts
11:55: Size and Growth of the TRA Market
12:50: Investment Appeal of Parallaxes Capital
14:37: Macro Factors and Concerns
16:46: Exportability and Global Market Potential
18:10: Competitive Advantage and Business Model Defensibility
20:37: Recruitment and Talent Attraction
21:36: Impact of Financial Crises on Private Equity
22:29: Conclusion